A song made of Counter-Strike sounds

You’d think some people have too much time on their hands. This video, originally hosted on Newgrounds can make for a fine example of the fact. The music you hear in the background has been composed entirely from Counter-Strike sounds, most of them being gunshots. The video itself isn’t all that great, with a bunch of stick figures playing Counter-Strike, but the soundtrack is sheer genius.


AllofMP3.com taken down, springs back up

AllofMP3.com, a popular haven for buggers who prefer to download instead of buy music has been taken down by the Russian Government. The move came as a result of plenty of international pressure, and more importantly, it was a condition laid before Russia for WTO membership. Is this a sad day for pirates worldwide? It isn’t. Keep reading to know why.

Even though AllofMP3 has diappeared, an almost identical site has popped up under the name MP3Sparks.com. This new site claims to be completely legal and paying royalties to the Russian royalty collection agencies, like its predecessor AllofMP3. Plus, if you had an account with AllofMP3, you can seemingly use it with MP3Sparks as well. Talk about coincidence.

So this means that even though AllofMP3.com has been destroyed and the WTO’s condition met, the site hasn’t really disappeared. This poses the questions: Is the WTO going to force Russia to shut down MP3Sparks for the much-coveted entry? Is MP3Sparks really legal under Russia’s new AllofMP3-busting laws? Tune into the next episode to find out.

[Via ars technica]

We Love Sarcastic Gamer!

Sarcastic Gamer

If you haven’t heard of SarcasticGamer.com, you haven’t been paying attention to the world. They’ve just started their own podcast and it’s definitely a good listen. We’ve got their RSS Feed in The Pipeline. If you don’t feel like going back to the front page – here’s a compilation of their game parodies along with their first podcast episode.

Dallas Woman Tries to Buy Out AT&T iPhone Stock – and more stories continue…


Rather than camping out, a woman buys her way to the front of the line for $800. She wanted to buy all the stock a local AT&T had of the iPhone. She didn’t realize that the store had a limited supply of only 1 per customer! So in the end theguy at the front of the line still was able to buy his own iPhone and save some easy earned money.

Click here to watch the video.

This is absolutely the best story ever. I’m glad this woman didn’t get her way.

But this wasn’t the only incident with the iPhone… a man has already dropped the iPhone – thankfully it was caught on camera. Sure people are smashing the technology to pieces, but we don’t support stuff like that. So what I present to you is a collection of parodies of the iPhone.

By the way, I celebrated the launch of the iPhone by installing Windows Vista. It only took me 3 hours to get everything up and running.

New Blog Design

We’ve had some issues with our previous WordPress template. I’ve gone through and redesigned it. Please let me know what you think!

Sorry if you visited the site while I was working on the design. You might have been weirded out by all of the changes when I was implementing them.   😯 


I noticed some major issues with IE 7. Everything should now work in all browsers. Please let me know if anything is messed up.

ESRB Controls the Internet

The video game rating organization ESRB has gone into hack and slash mode today! Video game publishers releasing M and AO titles are being forced to have press sites age-gate any videos relating to their products, which contain mature content. Since StuffWeLike.com focuses a lot on its media player content, we’ve asked SplashCast – the technology behind the player – to add an age-gate system.

It’s pretty crazy though that an organization can now control the content that flows out onto the internet. This is something to take very seriously by not only gamers, but by anyone who uses the internet. The internet is the place for freedom of speech and expression.

It is important to protect younger audiences from graphic material, especially if deemed unsuitable by their parents. But an age-gate system is easy to get through no matter how old you are.

There are going to be some major repercussions here GOOD or BAD.