First Look at Gerard Butler in Game

Gerard Butler!

Gerard Butler: ever since 300’s first trailer came out, he has been seen on dictionary entries for “awesome”. Butler will be next seen doing awesome shit in Game from Lionsgate studios. As the name suggests, the movie will be about a game, but judging by the first photo released (that you see above), it is going to be a far cry from Game Over and most other abysmal video-game-inspired movies.

In Game, we see a huge uber-violent multiplayer game called Slayers, that involves real death row inmates. Butler plays Kabel, one such inmate who must go through what must be one hell of an adventure of death, fury and destruction. Funny thing is, Kabel will be completely controlled by a nerdy teen, who, going by our experiences with Halo, will be screaming expletives while munching on potato chips and tacos.

No, seriously: Kabel will have to fight the creator of the maniacal game and overthrow the system, while at the same time being entirely controlled as a sim character. This is a very promising concept that should most likely go pretty well. The photo above seems to suggest that a bit of 300 style will be applied here as well, which can only be good. The plot also sounds pretty similar to Death Race, starring Jason Statham. Personally, I’d prefer this to Death Race.

The plot also sounds unusually similar to Unreal Tournament and its sequels. In UT, we see a futuristic gladiatorial tournament where humans, aliens, mutated humans and other such beings fight each other for fame, glory and fortune in a ultra-violent killing frenzy of a tournament relished by seemingly adolescent viewers across the globe. Interestingly, the background on some of the characters in UT2003 says that they were prisoners and were forcibly entered into the tournament.

Whatever the case, this is one movie to watch out for. It is scheduled for release this year, although we have practically no information about it, such as more photos, a trailer or anything like that…

Lost Zombies: Zombie videos go Web 2.0

Unknown Zombie

Zombies. They’re everywhere. And even today, people think that they are merely monsters in horror movies and content matter for horror movie parodies. Fools. All of them. One day, the zombie apocalypse will take the lives of millions of humans from all over Earth. But a bold step has been taken to prevent this: Lost Zombies.

A fine cross between Zombie Awareness and Web 2.0, Lost Zombies encourages you to post any proof you have about zombies, in photos or videos. Hit the jump to know more about what you can do to save the world.

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1UP is on THEIR side!

1UP Reviewers supporting Gamespot

You must have been under the rock of ignorance, if you missed the Gerstmann conspiracy/controversy that’s doing the rounds the last half week. To summarize, the ever-popular Jeff Gerstmann got fired abruptly from GameSpot, and no official statement can be given as to why. But strong rumours are pointing that GameSpot was under advertising pressure, and fired good man Jeff for his low review of the actually abysmal Kane & Lynch.

While most of the internet world appears to be opposing GameSpot (several boycotts, subscription cancellations, spamming and stuff), it is nice to know that someone is fighting for GameSpot’s cause. Ziff Davis, the guys who own 1UP and FileFront, sent a bunch of their staffers to console the GameSpot staff. Constructing a friendly banner, they marched two blocks up, yelled their support for game reviewers (leaving most passers-by saying “WTF?”) and bummed around a bit.

Disconsider this not, reader. GameSpot is one of the biggest game reviewing and general information sites on the net, and if something serious is happening to GameSpot, something serious will happen to the gaming industry, especially game reviewers and their credibility. Considering our motley crew at StuffWeLike are part-time reviewers (except the charming Ted, who’s full-time), I have sympathy to what GameSpot must be going through. But I shall continue to neglect them just because they fired Jeff, good reason or not.

What do you think of this whole controversy? Are the rumours worth believing? Is GameSpot innocent? Was this all really Eidos’ plan? Is this a shadow of more sinister events to come? Involving aliens, dinosaurs, robots and cowboys (wow)? Discuss in the comments below!

Flickr’s Two Billionth Photo

Flickr’s 2 billionth photo

You might have an account on Flickr. Heck, you might have even posted a dozen photos of that geek party you held last year that nobody commented on. Well, you might be pleased to know that you just lost the race to get the 2 Billionth image on Flickr.

Over here at Flickr, you can see that lucky little yukesmooks posted image #2000000000 on Flickr. The photo, whose preview you can see above is of some sort of a tree (or something that looks like some sort of a tree) and was taken at Market City in Chinatown Haymarket in Sydney. Nothing spectacular, in my honest opinion.

I suppose the next thing to look out for will be who gets image #2500000000, or #3000000000. Here’s a challenge from StuffWeLike: post image no. 2185510267 on Flickr and we’ll give you a special hug.

Minnesota Brigde Tragedy

On a more serious note, I feel almost obligated to do something about the recent bridge accident in Minnesota. Multimedia is changing the way we’re able to tell stories and for both the victims and survivors of the I-35W bridge collapse I’ve mixed together a show full of photographs taken by everyday people on the scene. If there is anything that needs to be said, it’s that America needs to update its aging infrastructures. You cannot put money on saving lives.

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