Lost Zombies: Zombie videos go Web 2.0

Unknown Zombie

Zombies. They’re everywhere. And even today, people think that they are merely monsters in horror movies and content matter for horror movie parodies. Fools. All of them. One day, the zombie apocalypse will take the lives of millions of humans from all over Earth. But a bold step has been taken to prevent this: Lost Zombies.

A fine cross between Zombie Awareness and Web 2.0, Lost Zombies encourages you to post any proof you have about zombies, in photos or videos. Hit the jump to know more about what you can do to save the world.

Lost Zombies pretty much serves as a Zombie Awareness social community. Users upload proof of zombies, report zombie outbreaks, zombie sightings and be up-to-date with what is going on at other parts of the globe. Such information will be no doubt crucial to the well-planned survivalist (which we believe most of the social network consists of).

While the site accepts all sorts of zombie videos, the overarching goal is to create a full-fledged Zombie documentary. Your recordings and photos are, therefore, encouraged to have some sort of a background. All of your proof goes into an ‘Outbreak’ (similar to what others would call a photo group, but a bit different). A quick sighting showed us some disturbing images from the East Coast and West Texas. The largest outbreak seems to have occurred near Atlanta.

In a way, this effort seems uncannily similar to World War Z, an upcoming novel-based movie that recounts a major zombie outbreak through the eyes of people answering interviews and recalling memories, like those boring National Geographic documentaries. Except it’s got zombies. We wonder if it’ll surpass a community-generated effort.

So go- guh- blah- bleg. Braiiiiiiins.

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