Comic Con 09: Heroes


I explore NBC’s Heroes Comic Con carnival.


Weekly Mashup #1

We’re testing out a new series that is more talk-show centric. Yes, it’s not just me on camera anymore! Wow what a concept.

Ian Dawson co-hosts. Now you’ll finally be able to meet the man behind many of the recent reviews on the blog.

Since this is a ‘mashup’ show we’re mixing in multiple products and reviewing them on the fly.

Let us know if this format entertains you more than the previous, single product video review. We probably won’t totally eliminate the single product video review. It’ll be something that goes hand in hand with each other.

On our first episode we review:
You’re Not Elected Charlie Brown – DVD
Sleeping Beauty Platinum Edition – DVD
Lego Batman – Xbox 360
Gamer Grub – Food

Fast-food getting faster in Japan

A vision of the future?

Remember that film with Morgan Spurlock where he tried to persuade us that fast-food was bad?

Made to show us not only the way junk food can affect us physically, but emotionally too; it was also supposed to put a stop to corporate food chains tricking their way into the pockets (and tummy’s) of consumers with a product barely fit for consumption.

That was the premise. So what now?

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Tip-toe through your supermarket

Its bad enough to see fat Americans zipping around supermarket aisles in motorized carts, now comes a product which will contribute to their “dumbing down” as well.

First announced back in January, by MediaCart Holdings, Microsoft Corp. and Wakefern Food Corporation at the National Retail Federation’s 97th Annual Convention & Expo – the MediaCart is about to roll out into supermarket aisles.



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Finish the fight. In a soda can.

Halo 3 Mountain Dew

Out now in stores is another ridiculous piece of Microsoft’s Halo 3 promotional merchandise – the official Halo 3 Mountain Dew “game fuel”! “Game Fuel?!” how much cheesier can you get?

Thew new citrus-cherry flavoured ‘Dew sports The Chief on the can, together with the Halo 3 logo. I don’t care about the drink itself (although I like Dew over all the other drinks out there), but this is going to be one hell of a collector’s item. Maybe years later you can tell your grandchildren that you actually had this awesome Master Chief soda can! That is, of course, if you haven’t sold it for a ridiculous price on eBay.

[Via Kotaku]

Amazon Fresh

Amazon Fresh

Because you’re too lazy to get off the computer, why not order your groceries online? It’s the wave of the future ladies and gentlemen! or the past…

Honestly what is Amazon thinking? If services like this have failed in the past, what is Amazon doing so drastically different that it will make a profit? But it doesn’t matter if the service succeeds or not, let Amazon claim its jungle (cue monkey noises) and offer groceries at “competitive everyday prices!”

Amazon Fresh is currently offered only in Seattle, Washington and is invite only.