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StuffWeLike was founded in 2002 by @DaveWeLike as the place where he and his friends could explore and share their views on the latest in pop-culture. Having hosted several programs such as Roku’s Binge-A-Thon, Best Buy’s Macro Photography, Jellysmack’s Gamology, Mobcrush, and Ora TV’s DweebCast  – DaveWeLike’s collaboration with countless brands over the decades has helped push them into the spotlight.

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We have previously worked with 2K Games for our Ustream channel takeover during E3.

2K Games The Bureau on Ustream.tv/StuffWeLike

David Rodriguez
Ian Dawson

Jasmine Amiri
JD Ashe
Mario Candelaria
Seth Hansen
Nathan Lundie
Rick Rodriguez
Christian Roe
Alex Bacon
Adam Ashe
and many others!

17 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hey Man,

    I met you guys at E3, Whats up? Your coverage was awesome by the way. Nice job on the interview with Cliffy B, correction, the artist formaly known as Cliffy B. He was in rare form! :p

    Have a good one,

    Adam Coleman

  2. Just in time for Guitar Hero 5…

    I’m in a band called LeetStreet Boys, and we create original music, videos and games centered around anime and gaming culture. We recently launched a music video and game for our new single Guitar Hero Hero (see below) that we think would be a lot of fun to share on stuffwelike this week, especially with Guitar Hero 5 recently released.

    music video:

    online game:
    (just came out today)

    Play as LeetStreet Boys — the world’s most epic and glorious band — in this RPG / music hybrid mini-game. Features awesome animation, intense DDR style gameplay, a hilarious story with multiple endings, and fantastic voice acting by Kira Buckland. Do you have what it takes to be a true Guitar Hero Hero?

    Please let us know what you think!



  3. Hey guys, I really like the site. I am considering a major in journalism, and I’ve been slowly falling into the web 2.0 movement. How can someone get involved with StuffWeLike.com?

  4. Love the show! Keep up the good work!

    Are you guys going to be doing coverage at E3 2010? If so, I will definitely be watching it!

    -= Salem2252 =-

  5. I love the site and am interested in journalism as well as all things current/technological/fun. Any way to get involved in the site?

  6. hey i enjoyed your youtube channel and noticed that this website doesn’t have a vibrant technology section. I read tech news daily is there a way maybe that i can contribute to this website in that front. disclaimer:i don’t have the best grammar and have just started college and am interested in majoring in computer science not journalism.

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