David Rodriguez – The StuffWeLike Dude

David Rodriguez (@DaveWeLike) has broken out into the digital world hosting programs such as Roku’s Binge-A-Thon, Jellysmack’s Gamology, Mobcrush, StuffWeLike, MiTu, Ora TV’s DweebCast, and Coin-Op TV. David’s enthusiasm for all things tech and geek pop-culture, combined with his goofy and sweet charm, has led him to gain 25 million views on across video sites, with tens of thousands of followers across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. He has hosted and created video content over the span of seven years with various companies for online distribution. Beyond hosting, David works as an editor, actor and has created a fashion line consisting mostly of vintage trucker hats. Originally from Miami, David is of Cuban descent and currently lives in Los Angeles never veering too far from the beach. He enjoys skateboarding, swimming, the outdoors and torturing his lovely and patient girlfriend, Nila.


Fox 11 interview about Microsoft Surface:

As you can see with StuffWeLike David has covered special events like E3, Comic Con, video game midnight launches, film red carpets, and much more.

Additionally he has gone on to work with SoCalGas as the sun for their solar power campaign, Sit ‘n Sleep, and Best Buy.

If you would like to contact David email him here.


Ustream Features StuffWeLike

David’s Experience:

Host Training:
Oct-Nov, Jan 2013-2014 Become A Host, Hosting Boot Camp, Host Class
Marki Costello, Andrew Krasny, Leo Quinones

Video game development:
Pirates of the Caribbean: The Legend of Jack Sparrow (Production Assistant)
The Sopranos: Road to Respect (Q/A Tester)
Geometry Wars Galaxies – Nintendo DS (Q/A Tester)
Morning’s Wrath (Marketing Director)
Malathedra (Marketing Director)
The Divine (Executive Producer)

Film/TV appearances:
Star Trek I, II
In Time
Drag Me to Hell
Cold Case
Stay Cool
Modern Family
Gemini Rising
The Ghastly Love of Johnny X

New Media collaborations:
William Shatner’s Ponder The Mystery (Production Assistant)
Dweebcast (Guest)
Awkward Kids
Olgakay (Circus short-film)
Philip deFranco (Intern)
HaModel (Guest)
Mega64 (Cameo)
Coin-Op TV (gameplay commentary)
Break Media (Intern)
Maker Studios (Production Assistant on short-film Zombiez)
Green Eyed World (Guest)

Web Series & Shorts:
Prank David
Mr. Lifeless
Backwoods to Topanga
Gazmo & Friends
The Dorms
Final Exam

Video Editor:
I’m Sorry
House of Misfits