Vitagenne Pure Wellness Hemp CBD Oil Supplement

During these crazy times it can be hard to relax. Kids are running around, husbands are not helping clean the dirty dishes, and we’re all tired of waiting in line at the grocery store. Taking CBD Oil Supplement could help you through these rough times. Of course ingesting anything without fully understanding how it was … Continue reading “Vitagenne Pure Wellness Hemp CBD Oil Supplement”


WAMA Men’s Hemp Boxer Brief Review

My journey into hemp based products has now brought me to the nether-regions. WAMA Underwear started as a Kickstarter project with the goal to introduce men and women to hemp underwear. The vast majority of us probably have cotton, but its time to evolve. At first, a lot of questions ran through my mind. Would … Continue reading “WAMA Men’s Hemp Boxer Brief Review”

Sanuk Hemp Sidewalker Surfer Review

Sandals and flip-flops are my enemies. I’ve tripped, slipped, and simply fell on my ass. Sure this can all happen with a regular shoe, but it’s less likely. Sneakers have better grip and protect your foot. Of course you look like a dork wearing sneakers on the beach it’s just what I did, until now! … Continue reading “Sanuk Hemp Sidewalker Surfer Review”

Hemp Socks Sample Pack Review

We all complain about our feet aches so why not treat our feet to socks that feel warm and comfy? I got the Hemp Sock Sample Pack at Hemp Authority to see what wearing hemp socks is like. I’m used to wearing thin ankle socks with my sneakers on a day to day basis. So … Continue reading “Hemp Socks Sample Pack Review”

ONNO Hemp and Bamboo T-Shirt Review

I had a problem in my bed for a long time. It was hot under the bed sheets. Even with air conditioning I still woke up hot. It took a while to figure out a solution, but I did. I switched to bamboo bed sheets. This switch made me feel refreshed and ready to go … Continue reading “ONNO Hemp and Bamboo T-Shirt Review”

Hemp Bi-Fold Wallet Review

As we all know after several years of use a leather wallet breaks down and becomes a nasty looking accessory with chips of leather flaking off. Instead of going down that road again with my next wallet, I wanted to pivot and look for alternative wallet styles. I stumbled upon Hemp Authority, which sells Hempy’s … Continue reading “Hemp Bi-Fold Wallet Review”