Several years ago I was on the hunt for hemp socks and I could not find socks that were solid black at low cut ankle height. Thank God I stumbled upon HEMPZOO and they’ve answered my prayers.

The benefits of hemp socks are numerous. Environmentally speaking hemp uses less water than cotton, it does not need pesticide or herbicides, it’s carbon negative, etc. Hemp in clothing is antimicrobial, mildew resistant, and UV resistant. So with hemp being a strong natural fiber, you’re going to be wearing a sock that is durable and should last a while.

The ankle sock does have compression and ribbing to help with arch support. This may prevent your feet from aching later in the day after a lot of walking.

In the package you get two pairs of ankle socks. Each is made of 51% hemp, 3% organic cotton, and 11% spandex.

Help stop your feet from smelling and swelling all the time. HEMPZOO’s Hemp Label Ankle Socks can naturally keep you comfortable all day long.

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