Eight Sleep Pod Pro Changes The Sleep Game

The Eight Sleep Pod Pro mattress has changed my standard on what qualifies as “the perfect mattress”. The high tech quality of the bed’s functions, the perfect body of its construction, the easy to use cooling and heating features, the stellar customer team over at Eight Sleep. When you have an Eight Sleep mattress, you don’t feel like you just have a bed, but more, a sleeping system.

The two main functions that set this mattress apart from the flock is its cooling/heating and sleep quality tracking features. Like every doctor or health blog will tell you, sleep plays a major role in helping us all to stay healthy. The Eight Sleep Pod Pro tracks your sleep and provides you with tools and information to see your quality of sleep and when and for how long you’ve slept over the course of the night. This feature alone has been a wonderful way for my wife and I to better understand our sleep patterns and ultimately has provided huge insight into our overall health. I now notice on the days I feel “off” or “sluggish”, oftentimes I can track it back to my quality of sleep the night before.

The other feature, and this is truly an addictive one, is the miraculous heating and cooling system. Not only can you change the temperature of your bed with just the touch of your phone, but the bed can divide between you and your sleeping partner so both can have the temperatures tailored to your comfort level. This is amazing for my wife and I as she tends to love her bed on the warmer side, while I can’t stand to be hot while I sleep. In fact, this bed saved me from the discomfort of my non air conditioned, southern California apartment in the sweltering summer months. When I was suffering with a terrible fever, I could adjust my mattress to my ever changing temperature, and I was comfortable and feeling better in no time.

My wife and I spent the last few months road tripping across the country, something we have wanted to do for years. We experienced so many different cities, stayed in some incredible Airbnbs and saw so many sights along the way. It was definitely the trip of a lifetime, but by the end of it, we both couldn’t wait to go home to our Eight Sleep Pod Pro.

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