Doctor Plotka’s Travel ToothBrush

Ever travel and think about how nasty your toothbrush gets in that bag? Even if you stay at home your toothbrush has a build up of bacteria after every use. It’s awful and bad for your teeth and gums.

Doctor Plotka’s Travel ToothBrush is a pretty smart design. You can fold the toothbrush to protect its bristles. Even the bristles are made differently than other toothbrushes. They’re long and soft with 1 micrometer diameter tips. So they reach deep into the grooves. They’re made of polyester bristles so they outlast nylon bristles. The most important part is that it includes antimicrobial silver technology, which eliminates 99.9% of bacteria within 6 hours after brushing.

With its smart design and smart tech there’s no reason not to use Doctor Plotka’s Travel ToothBrush. It’s cleaner than any regular toothbrush.

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