Urban Hydration

We all wash and hydrate ourselves every day so it makes sense to do it without the bad stuff. Urban Hydration focuses its products around fruit and plant based care mixed in with vitamins to help nourish your skin.

Their vegan Hemp Seed Oil Body Wash is a mixture of hemp seed oil, coconut oil, and vitamins A & E. You really get the sense of a deep clean well after using it. Over time they say it will firm and brighten your skin as well as fade scars. Of course hemp seed oil naturally has omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids so it should help keep your skin hydrated. There’s no paraben, gluten, paraffin, and silicone.

If you’re looking for a moisturizer that doesn’t make you feel greasy then you might want to look at their Aloe Vera Leaf Daily Body Moisturizer. Applying it leaves a thin layer of aloe that helps moisturizes and smooths your skin. It may help fade dark spots. Also included is Cucumber Extract meant to reduce inflammation and irritation. It’s free of paraben, polybead, sulfate and gluten.

Between these two Urban Hydration products you may have better feeling and looking skin over time.

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