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We all have stinky cars. The interior of a car is one of the few places we clean on a regular basis. That’s why many of us use scents, but as it turns out those scents might be chemically based. That’s why Drift has introduced scented products with none of the bad stuff. They’re free of harmful chemicals – no parabens, phthalates, dea, or mineral oil.

Of course most air fresheners are ugly. They dangle from your rear view mirror and partially block your view. Drift has two types of fresheners one that attaches to your visor and the other attaches to your air vent.

The Wood Visor has a piece of metal that clamps onto your visor. The scented piece of wood has a magnet on the backside that you place onto the metal clamp. The wood is made in the USA from sustainably sourced cedar wood. It’s soaked in essential and fragrance oils. They have a scent of the month program so you’ll never go back to smelling your stinky car.

If you want to smell the scents at home Drift does offer room sprays. You could quickly spray this in an area with frequent high stink odors such as the bathroom or near the garbage can.

Of the two scents that I’ve smelled Palm and Mill I’m loving them. They both provide this calming sensation. They’re nothing like typical fresheners that smell slightly off and make you sneeze.

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