Bug Out Bar Chocolate Brownie

That is the face of someone who has taken a leap for mankind. If you’re like me you’ve probably never thought about eating bugs. I understand that there are benefits, but is it worth the risk?

Well know that I fully ate one of the Chocolate Brownie Bug Out Bar before I wrote this article. Half an hour later and my stomach is not turning. Honestly I thought I’d be in the bathroom by now.

I’ve tried pea protein and almond butter, but cricket protein? I had not. The way Bug Out Bar mixes their ingredients I would never be able to tell that I had just ate a cricket. The number one thing I tasted was chocolate. A chocolate bar with 15g of protein, has healthy ingredients, and is better for the environment – sign me up!

Bug Out Bar’s website says if you want animal based protein, eating more crickets could reduce greenhouse gas emissions by a factor of 100x, cut water usage by 56x, and reduce land use by 10x. Crickets general nutrition tends to be higher than other animal products as well: 2x the protein of beef, 6x the B12 of wild salmon, more omega-3 fatty acids than wild salmon, omega-6 to omega-3 ratio of 2:1, iron in similar amounts to beef, probiotic fiber may improve gut health and reduce inflammation, all 9 essential amino acids.

That’s a long list and since eating a bar, I can easily see myself adding more to my diet. It tastes good and seems to be good for you.

I found a comparison of Bug Out Bar vs the rest. Really makes you think about which one you want in your body.

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