YVY Naturals Review

Everyone likes solid presentation. YVY Naturals has a slick cleaning bottle that makes you want to show it off.

YVY allows you to clean your house while reducing CO2 emissions and reduce plastic. This is achieved because the product is shipped without water. You’ll have to add the water to the bottle. This helps reduce the weight of shipping and overall material cost.

You can rest easy knowing that the cleaning product is made with 100% natural citrus and Amazonian botanicals. The All-purpose Cleaner solution has a nice orange aroma to it. There are also Bathroom and Kitchen cleaning kits.

No matter what kit you have, in three quick steps you’ll be on your way to a cleaner home. First fill the bottle up with water. Then place the capsule inside the bottle. Wait for the cleaning product to mix with the water and you’ll be good to go.

Once you’ve got the starter kit you’ll have to buy additional kits that include 6 capsules for $25.99. That comes out to about $4.33 a bottle. Definitely a reasonable price especially when you factor in the positive environmental impact.

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