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Going Away

Sometimes love can find you even when you’re not looking for it. It can be an awesome force that drives two people together, that merges their hearts, souls, and minds; love can endure despite the odds stacked against it. The journey of Baptiste and Sandra in Going Away, an enjoyable French romantic drama, is one fraught with many roadblocks and barriers that they traverse despite the odds.

When Baptiste (Pierre Rochefort), a young teacher suddenly finds himself having to take care of one of his students, Mathias (Mathias Brezot), over a holiday weekend, he and the Mathias end up traveling to a beach resort where Mathias’s mother, Sandra (Louise Bourgoin) works. But all is not well with Sandra’s or Baptiste’s pasts, and Baptiste and Sandra soon discover that in order for them to have a future together they must find closure in pasts they’ve struggled so long to forget.

I really got drawn into Going Away rather quickly. I liked the three primary characters – Baptiste, Sandra, and Mathias – and I was intrigued by their journey as a makeshift family unit. While it may seem like a by-the-numbers romantic film at first, there are plenty of twists that I did not see coming that made the film all the more compelling as a dramatic narrative.

Director and co-screenwriter Nicole Garcia has created a multi-faceted environment in which her characters and their problems seem real and their journey together is realistic and evokes empathy from viewers.

I highly recommend Going Away, which is available now on DVD.

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