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Under the Sun of Satan

Can one who perceives themselves as a failure in the eyes of God find redemption in the end? This and many more intriguing questions are posed in the religious drama, Under the Sun of Satan, a 1987 French film that explores one priest’s journey to find his true purpose within the Church.

Gérard Depardieu is Donissan, a priest who sees himself as an abject failure, socially awkward, and disliked by the parishioners of the church he works at. His desperation to be a true man of God leads him to torture himself both mentally and physically. A walking journey to another church leads him both literally and figuratively down a path that will forever change his perception of himself and his relationship with both the Church and God.

Gérard Depardieu

It his through this journey that Donissan comes to realize his true destiny, his true spiritual powers, and how temptation from Satan can sometimes be a blessing in disguise. As he grows as a priest, his trials and tribulations enrage some, baffle others, and cause him to pay the ultimate price as he realizes his true purpose.

Under the Sun of Satan is a thought-provoking piece of cinema directed and co-written by French filmmaker Maurice Pialat. The performances are understated yet powerful, and Depardieu delivers a strong, multi-layered character.

Along with the restored version of the film, the Blu-ray edition includes a number of special features: a 2012 Interview with star Gérard Depardieu; a 2012 Interview with cinematographer Willy Kurant; a 2012 Interview with production designer Katia Wyszkop; Deleted Scenes; Behind the Scenes Footage; and the Original and 2015 Re-release Trailer.

While French cinema may not be to everyone’s liking (it is subtitled in English so if you don’t speak French you will have to read), Under the Sun of Satan is a powerful film that resonates long after viewing.

Under the Sun of Satan is available NOW on Blu-Ray!

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