DVD Review: UFO Archives

UFO Archives

Aliens are among us. Or are they? Many would posit that they are, while others would wonder if those who call themselves believers are prone to wearing foil hats and spending a little too much time watching Ancient Aliens or listening to Coast to Coast AM with George Noory. No matter what there is one thing that is true: the UFO/alien craze is here to stay!

The UFO Archives explores a wide range of subjects related to the world of UFOs, aliens, and – everyone’s favorite – abductions. Are we alone? What landed in Roswell at Area 51? Are there extraterrestrial beings out there in the vast reaches of the universe? Are they living among us now? And if so, how would we know?

This thought-provoking box set contains over 15 hours of specials on alien-based topics from a collection of History Channel series, including its most popular, Ancient Aliens. If one thing can be gleaned from all these specials and documentaries is that there is something out there; but what it is is up to the viewer or those who were abducted to decide.

Fans of UFOs and aliens will love The UFO Archives. I certainly did, and now you can, too!

The UFO Archives is available NOW on DVD!

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