DVD Review: Ancient Aliens – Collector’s Edition

Ancient Aliens - Collector's Edition

Here it is. The ultimate gift for any Ancient Alien lover. The official Collector’s Edition of the first four seasons of Ancient Aliens has landed. And it’s gonna be epic! That’s right. It’s 34 HOURS of Ancient Aliens all in one handy box set that will enable you to relive your favorite Ancient Alien moments and even share them with friends and family (just don’t spoil things and tell them about this guy right away…)

Giorgio A. Tsoukalos

They need to experience him for themselves. 🙂

Granted, there are a lot of things that have happened on planet Earth that are difficult to discern or even fathom. Aliens may be an intriguing and plausible way to explain these phenomena, but the key here is to take the information given and, if you are curious, explore things further. You may or may not come to the same conclusion as out ancient alien theorists do, but you may learn something new along the way.

I really like Ancient Aliens. I find it thought-provoking and also fascinating. While I find it hard to believe every theory presented by the experts on the series, I do find many of the explanations somewhat reasonable (guess it’s time to fashion that foil hat!).

If you are a hardcore alien enthusiast, I highly, highly recommend Ancient Aliens – Collector’s Edition. It’s definitely worth watching and exploring!

Ancient Aliens – Collector’s Edition is available NOW on DVD!

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