DVD Review: American Restoration – Volume Two

Is there anything these guys can’t restore? Rick Dale and his rambunctious team are back for more restoration awesomeness in this second volume set of American Restoration. A spin-off of Pawn Stars, the series follows the day-to-day work of craftsman and artist Rick Dale at his shop, Rick’s Restorations.

For me what makes the show so cool is how amazing the restorations are on the items people bring into the shop. You can’t deny that the way Rick and his team are able to bring some of these items back from the dead and into pristine like-new condition is pretty awesome. From tricycles to old fuel tankers, there’s nothing these guys can’t handle.

In this particular set of episodes there seem to be a lot more comedy bits than there were when the show began. While I do think that the sketches are amusing (who doesn’t want to see Kowboy pull out his own tooth with a pair of pliers?), I really wanted them to just stick with the restoration aspect of the show. I feel that the interplay between the guys during the actual process of or working on the items is much more interesting and relevant to the series and its premise.

I really enjoy American Restoration. It’s a show I always look forward to watching and I really am awestruck at how all of the restorations turn out. Rick Dale and his team are artists in their own right; making the forgotten and discarded into treasured works of memorabilia and history.

American Restoration: Volume Two is available NOW on DVD!

What’s the best restoration you’ve seen on the show? Leave a comment and let us know!

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