DVD Review: Top Shot – Season Four

Who wouldn’t want the chance to win a $2000 gift card to Bass Pro Shops?! Top Shot has become my favorite competition show. It’s not singing, dancing, cooking, or decorating cakes, it’s all about shooting and marksmanship. And if you think this is just a bunch of folks shooting a gun at a target, think again. This is one helluva competition series.

Sure, they make it look easy at times, but the skills these marksmen and women bring to the table are anything but amateur. And while some have extensive military or police training, others are self-taught and skilled enough to got head-to-head with some of the best and brightest shooters out there.

This was a very enjoyable season. While there wasn’t as much drama as there was during season three (remember Jake the quitter, anyone?), this season definitely has its moments of intensity and surprises. And as always host Colby Donaldson adds his at-times intrusive commentary just to make things interesting and add pressure to the shooters during the challenges.

If you’re a fan of shooting competitions, cool weapons, or Bass Pro Shops, I highly recommend this season of Top Shot and the series in general. It’s a definite must-watch!

Top Shot: Season Four is available NOW on DVD!

What has been your favorite Top Shot season? What would you buy with a $2000 gift card to Bass Pro Shops? Leave a comment and let us know!

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