America’s Book of Secrets – DVD Review

Secrets. Cover-Ups. Conspiracy! No, it’s not Ancient Aliens. It’s a really fascinating series from The History Channel that explores the underlying inner-workings of some of the United States’ most secretive and protected places and groups. What we think we know, what we’ve been told, and what we are allowed to know about these things pale in comparison to what the truth really is.

Welcome to America’s Book of Secrets.

So, is there a Book of Secrets hidden somewhere in America that reveals the truth behind some of the biggest mysteries in the U.S.? Perhaps. Perhaps not. But this series does delve deeper into the specific areas explored in more detail than I have seen before.

What are these secret places and groups? Go deep inside The White House; the mysterious world of the Freemasons; Fort Knox; Area 51; The Playboy Mansion; Presidential Transports; The FBI; West Point; Black Ops; and The Pentagon. Granted, many of these probably don’t go so deep as to reveal secrets that would jeopardize national security, but there is one secret that I think the world does need to know and is revealed here: the Playboy Mansion has a zoo and lots of monkeys!

I really enjoyed America’s Book of Secrets. I learned a lot, and it made me curious enough abut several of the subjects explored to investigate further. I recommend this series for anyone who loves history or secretive locations and groups.

America’s Book of Secrets is available September 18, 2012 on DVD!

What secretive location or group would you like to know more about? Leave a comment and let us know!

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