The Best of Ancient Aliens – Blu-ray Review

Aliens! We’ve all heard the stories, the theories, the attempts at intellectualizing about and interpreting what exactly took place between alien beings and the ancient world. Did aliens help these societies become technologically advanced beyond the scope of what even modern man can fathom? Did they have flying machines? Did they help build many of the ancient world’s most prominent structures?

Ancient alien theorists (like Giorgio A. Tsoukalos below) believe, yes. How much mousse does it take to get your hair like that?

Ancient Aliens is a highly popular series from The History Channel that attempts to find evidence of alien influence in a wide variety of areas. From ancient Egypt to the wild West, is it possible that aliens influenced these people? And why don’t they show themselves today?

In this edition, The Best of Ancient Aliens, four specials attempt to answer many of these questions as in-depth as possible. The four episodes on this Blu-ray edition include: The Evidence; Mysterious Places; Aliens and the Old West; and The Mayan Conspiracy.

I kind of wished that there were more episodes included in this volume. Perhaps a couple from each season of the show. I think that would have provided a more well-rounded looks at this intriguing aspect of history (whether you believe in aliens or not).

The Best of Ancient Aliens is available September 18, 2012 on Blu-ray!

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