Black Hand – DVD Review

Gene Kelly’s out for vengeance, and it ain’t gonna be pretty. After his father is viciously murdered (by 1950s film standards) in 1900s New York, Johnny Colombo and his mother return home to Italy, where Johnny vows to seek revenge on the evil mob organization the Black Hand. He knows that this corrupt gang of extortionists offed his papa, and he’s hellbent on making sure they pay.

Years later, Johnny (Gene Kelly) returns to New York on a mission of revenge. But how will he find them men responsible? Would killing them be the best course of action? Perhaps some sort of legal recourse? Maybe even a sing-a-long? It’s up to Johnny to find the solution that will avenge his father’s murder and bring the killers and the Black Hand organization to justice.

But will he cause more harm than good to those he encounters on his quest? And what of Johnny? Will all his pent-up vengeance lead to his own destruction? Will the Black Hand get its hooks into him? Will Gene Kelly break out into song? Um, the last one probably won’t happen in this film.

Black Hand is a taut and suspenseful crime-thriller that will give Gene Kelly fans a different perspective on the talents of this Hollywood legend. It’s a definite must for fans of Kelly, and an intriguing film even today.

Black Hand is available NOW on DVD!

Aside from Singin’ in the Rain, what is your favorite Gene Kelly movie? Leave a comment and let us know!

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