The Devil Makes Three – DVD Review

Action! Romance! Nazis! The Devil Makes Three delivers a thrilling story that includes all these things and much more. Gene Kelly (the Singin’ in the Rain guy) delivers an awesome performance as an Army Captain on a quest to find the daughter of a family who hid him from the Nazis after his plane was shot down. Will he find her?

What he does find is something far more sinister and diabolical. Something that if implemented could have dire implications for the rest of the world! Will he be able to stop it before it’s too late? And if he does, will there be time for a musical number?

I really liked this movie because it wasn’t shot on soundstages that look like locations in Germany. They actually shot footage IN Germany where the Nazis and Hitler actually were. This gives certain scenes much more dramatic and historic weight then if they had been filmed on the backlot of MGM.

The Devil Makes Three is available NOW on DVD!

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