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Stop! Your gum is limited and inferior. Replace your piece with Stride Mintacular. It’s the gum that redefines the limits of possibilities. Again.

Scot Samson Vice Executive Senior President of Sports Gum Ideation & Development says it best – that Stride Mintacular is the combination of intelligence and simplicity aka “intelligencity”.

Of course how does one promote a piece of gum that improves the unimprovable? Well it’s simple. Talk about the changes in a video:

Literally though, I think the best part of this video happens around 1:24 – it’s hilarious. It’s such a simple touch of brilliance. If you can’t tell already, this video is a parody of Apple product launch videos.

This isn’t the first time that snowboarder/skateboarder Shaun White has appeared on a pack of gum. Last year Stride created a Whitemint flavor for him, which had a mint flavor. Mintacular features mint mixed with melon, which clearly makes Mintacular the new champion.

As a nice bonus you can tweet questions to @Shaun_White and he will answer them on 8/18/12 from 3:30pm-4:15pm. Make sure to use the hashtag #StrideShaun.

This post is sponsored by Stride.

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