‘Twins’ Sequel on the Way…WTF?

If they have to do something with it, wouldn’t a remake be better? In an odd attempt to make money off of a sequel to a movie 24 years old, the Arnold Schwarzenegger/Danny Devito comedy, Twins, is about to get a sequel. It’s title: Triplets.

If this doesn’t concern you, here’s who’s playing the third-wheel in this mismatched trio: Eddie Murphy. I remember when Eddie Murphy, Arnold, and Devito were prominent figures in Hollywood. This just comes across at some desperate attempt to make a quick buck. I have my doubts that anyone will care enough to go see it.

The basic plot: Julius and Vincent (Arnold and Devito’s characters) discover they have a sibling. Ta-da!

“Wow,” you may be thinking, “You’re quick to judge, Jim. You haven’t even seen it and you’re already saying it will suck.” Well, if the Ninja Turtles becoming aliens is a crappy idea, then this one is even worse. At least with the Ninja Turtles there’s the possibility of fresh blood and energy to reinvigorate the franchise. In this case…

This is three aging actors in a sequel to a movie that was enjoyable but not memorable enough for a sequel. How do I know? Because if it was popular enough for a sequel wouldn’t we have had one by now? You know, when all three of these actors were in the primes of their career?

Granted, sequels are nothing new in Hollywood. There’s an armload of them coming out this year. But I think this particular sequel reeks of desperation for all three actors. Murphy hasn’t has a big non-Shrek hit in years. I like Eddie Murphy, he’s a talented and funny guy, but his track record at the box office recently is getting to Robin Williams levels. Not a good thing!

Arnold has been in politics for years and I have doubts that a sequel to Twins will bring audiences flocking to see him on the big screen. I guess we’ll have to see if The Expendables 2 gets him any notice from fans after so many years missing from the big screen (yes, I know he had a small role in the first Expendables, but that was way overhyped).

As for Devito – who’s good in just about everything – he’s far better than this project. He’d be better off just continuing his work on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

I liked the first movie. It was a fun fish-out-of-water/buddy comedy with rom-com elements. However, I really have my doubts that this will work. I mean, what’s next? Tom Hanks in Joe Versus the Volcano 2? Billy Crystal and Danny Devito in Throw Momma From the Train…Again!?

Imagine current movies waiting 24 years for a sequel. I can only cringe at the thought of a sequel to Project X or The Hunger Games coming out 24 years after the original with the same cast. Yeah, not a pretty picture.

Lucky for us while the three actors are committed to the project no script has been written and no director is attached, so there’s a possibility it may never happen. Or is this just a sick early April Fool’s joke?

What do you think? Is Triplets a good idea? Do you even remember Twins? Would a remake with a new cast be slightly better? Leave a comment and let us know!

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