The Three Musketeers Bluray Review

The Bluray itself works like a charm. I popped it into the Bluray player and everything loaded as it should. I then started to watch the movie and soon realized that this film has nothing to do with the chocolate bars. I immediately wanted a refund.

This version of The Three Musketeers is similar to the original tale, but goes on such wild tangents that it quickly loses its charm. Right from the very first scene it feels like a video game. If you’ve ever played Assassin’s Creed you’ll know what I mean. That in itself is ok, but the movie takes the Musketeers into such a cartoony invincible super hero like direction. The beginning sequence of the film sets it up so that these characters practically can’t die so you really won’t get any enjoyment out of the action sequences for the rest of the hour and thirty minutes. If they simply started off the film with the sequence that happens immediately after that with D’Artagnan beginning his quest to become a Musketeer, I think the movie would have started in the right direction. Beyond that though, I simply got lost with its story as it wasn’t easy to follow what exactly was going on, who people were, where the events were taking place, and why anything was happening in the first place.

The one worthwhile element in this film are the costumes and the sets/locations. They are beautiful to look at and are rich with detail.

As far as the special features there’s nothing too extraordinary here, but it does get the job done. There’s commentary, a good about of deleted/extended scenes, and several featurettes about the movie. They all give you insight into very specific elements on the film.

I think the The Three Musketeers is skippable to say the least, which is a shame because it clearly had a good art style to it but nothing beyond that.

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