My Week With Marilyn Bluray Review

My Week With Marilyn is basically one of the most unbelievably lucky stories in Hollywood. A third assistant director lucks out and forms a romantic relationship with Marilyn Monroe. Again it sounds slightly out there, but it’s based on a true story. Maybe in the true story it really wasn’t a week, it was more like a one-night thing. zing.

Anyway the movie itself is good even though there aren’t any explosions or car chases. The combo pack comes with a Bluray and DVD. There are two special features one is a commentary and one is a 20 minute featurette that covers the background of the story for the film with cast interviews.

I don’t think that this Bluray is going to be something that is worth purchasing unless it’s for your girlfriend. You know it’s a typical, once you see it once there’s no major reason to see it again even though again you’ll enjoy what you watch.

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