Lady and the Tramp Bluray Review

Disney adds its Diamond Edition touch to the romantic dog film Lady and the Tramp. Enjoy the noodles… slerp.

This Bluray is packed with bonus materials, but not all of them are new. Many come from previously released DVDs. So the making of, Finding Lady The Art of the Storyboard, original 1943 version of the film, Puppypedia, etc. are from the DVD. But not all is old though.

There are essentially four new bonus materials: Disney’s Second Screen, deleted scenes, new recorded song, and Diane Disney Miller’s Remembering Dad. Disney’s Second Screen works along with the Inside Walt’s Story Meetings audio commentary. As Lady and the Tramp plays on your TV you’ll hear a reenactment of Walt Disney talking about various scenes from the film and how they came to be. You don’t need the second screen to enjoy the commentary though as you can watch it without an iPad or laptop. Those second screens are used for concept artwork and other pieces that go along with the commentary. Remembering Dad is a great piece that covers Walt Disney and his life at Disneyland.

All of the above features are included on the Bluray. The bundled DVD comes with the Remembering Dad and Puppypedia.

This is a solid upgrade for anyone who has an older version of Lady and the Tramp. It’s nice that you don’t lose bonus materials that were previously released on DVD. Of course the film itself is in HD 1080p with 7.1 DTS-HD Master Audio so it looks and sounds like it has never been seen before.

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