The Tempest Bluray Review

I was surprised by the amount of extras included within The Tempest. Considering that it didn’t do well at the box office one would think that they’d simply rush the movie onto Bluray and leave it at that. For fans of The Tempest you’ll be happy to know that they did not.

For those that enjoy plays as well as watching actors perform in plain environments a lot of the special features will be to your liking. They really focus greatly on the actors and how the develop into their characters.

You really wouldn’t think that a movie like The Tempest would be that greatly challenging to make but after watching the special features you see how complicated it really was. Nothing was set in stone and took a much more artistic approach to making it all happen. Thus these special features do provide a glimpse into the creative nature that is film-making.

For those that want a fresh take on Shakespeare’s The Tempest you should be happy with what you find here.

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