Pulp Fiction & Jackie Brown Bluray Review

Two films by 1 director and both are now on Bluray.

The Pulp Fiction Bluray contains 6 hours worth of bonus material. The Jackie Brown Bluray contains 3 hours. Both films have been remastered with new high definition lossless audio and 1080p video under Tarantino’s supervision.

Not all of these special features are brand-new though. There are new cast interviews and a critic’s retrospective for Pulp Fiction. Jackie Brown includes a new critic’s retrospective.

I didn’t particularly enjoy the critic’s retrospective, but everything else is very interesting to watch. What I like most about these special features is that they’re from the time that these movies came out. You can see all the promotions that were made for these films back in the day. It still would be nice to have a more retrospective look from the cast & crew of these films, but these Blurays do at least act as a capsule of time.

If you like either one of these movies, these Blurays look and sound great so it makes sense to upgrade if you currently own them on DVD.

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