The Lion King Diamond Edition Bluray Review

Even if you just saw The Lion King in 3D recently, you should still be interested in checking it out on Bluray.

The Disney Second Screen experience alone provides a brand new way to watch and interact with the film at the same time. You’ll see tons of behind the scenes pieces on your laptop or iPad.

The other stand out feature is the Pride of Lion King documentary. It follows people who worked on The Lion King as well as its broadway show and talks about the impact of the film with a really emotional backing to it. After watching it though, you’ll be a little more bored with The Lion King: A Memoir not because this documentary is bad, but because the information is slightly repetitive from what you just saw in the Pride of Lion King. The nice thing about A Memoir is the amount of behind the scenes footage you do see from them working on the film.

There are four deleted scenes which are storyboarded out, some pretty funny bloopers, a deleted song, extended Morning Report sequence, and a couple of other special features.

Obviously you’re getting The Lion King film in high defintion on Bluray and it looks great! Packaging this movie with special features that are worth watching making The Lion King Bluray a must own.

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