Sre4m Bluray Review

Finally you can complete your Scream collection with the Scre4m Bluray.

Now that I’ve been able to watch Scre4m for a second time I kind of liked it a little bit more than the initial viewing. I had just watched the original trilogy before seeing Scre4m the first time around, so maybe by not having the original trilogy fresh in my mind I had less to compare it too. Even with remembering who the killer/killers are in Scre4m with the second viewing it was still interesting to see everything unfold.

As far as the special features are concerned with this Bluray the one thing that feels missing is a retrospective on how horror films have changed over the years since Scream 3 or how the original trilogy changed the game of horror movies. The Making of Scream 4 video included on the Bluray doesn’t entirely cover this topic. They skim over some various topics about making Scre4m, but it doesn’t entirely feel fleshed out.

The Alternate Opening is actually quite good and choosing which opening is best is really a toss of the coin. There are also a slew of deleted scenes, alternate scenes, and extended scenes. The Extended Ending features the main survivors talking about what they’ll be doing next in life. The Gag Reel will make you laugh at all the little goofs that they’ve included.

In addition to those special features there are commentaries and a digital copy of the film.

For Scream fans of course you’ve got to pick this one up. If you’ve never seen the original Scream movie, please watch the films in sequential order. 😉

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