Hoodwinked Too Hood vs Evil DVD Review

Ok I’ll be honest, I was wondering why the title of this movie was Hoodwinked Too! I must have been high at the time, but I had no idea that this was a sequel when I initially watched it. To say the least, I was confused.

Hoodwinked Too Hood vs Evil plays off like a Nickelodeon TV show. It looks pretty bad compared to the latest Pixar and Dreamworks Animations films. Even with that low budget feel, you would hope that the story or jokes would back the rest of the film up but they don’t. It’s a pretty lame film. Clearly even kids didn’t want to see this film either as this sequel only did $16million according to Wikipedia. (Yes I did my research)


I know that I heard of Hoodwinked before but I didn’t realize that there are now two films. The first film did extremely well with over $110 million box office. All that I can do is question what exactly made people like the first film? I’ve never seen it but based on this sequel I’m not sure why anyone would like this Shrek-esc rip-off.

It’s a shame too because I think it’s great to have a female protagonist who young girls can look up too. Clearly Red is a heroine that achieves this, but there isn’t much here that is appealing as a film.

Special feature wise there are some music videos, Voices of Hoodwinked Too, Storyboard Sequences, and Production Artwork. So there’s not much that will keep a kid interested within this package.

If box office means anything, which sometimes it doesn’t, you may enjoy the original Hoodwinked movie. As far as this sequel is concerned we can only wish that Red Riding Hood had gotten eaten during the making of this picture.

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