Captain America 1992 DVD Review

MGM has re-released the 1992 version of Captain America on DVD. The thing to ask is why?

For everyone who doesn’t know the 1992 version of Captain America isn’t all that good. It starts off perfectly fine, but by the time Captain America gets tied up to a missile and averts its final destination of The White House by kicking it, all you can do is scratch your head. It’s baffling to think that this was a good idea, but oh well.

Watching this version of Captain America after seeing the new 2011 version of Captain America is pretty interesting. You can see how The Avengers story-arc has greatly impacted the way that they told the story of Captain America. In the 1992 version within about 30 minutes Captain America jumps from World War II to the present time. Soon after he sets off on this journey to take down the Red Skull who had plastic surgery and is now a Light Brown Skull. There’s really no reason why the plot had to go in this time leap story. For the most part the movie is better when it’s set in WWII.

The only special feature that this DVD contains a trailer for the film. It doesn’t look like this film has been restored in any way. The image itself is kind of soft at times.

I wouldn’t say that Captain America is a total waste of your time. I found it somewhat entertaining at times. It’s a movie that you can laugh at and have fun with for its silliness. Captain America is by far a movie that shows why Marvel movies simply sucked back in the day and how they’ve done a complete 180 in the past decade.

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