Star Wars Blu Ray Audio Controversy?

It seems as though Lucas just cannot leave the original trilogy alone, as they have announced a new change to Return of the Jedi.

A lot of news and anxious Star Wars fans have been following the upcoming Star Wars trilogy blu ray release, but it seems that there is an added bonus that may break the deal when it comes to buying the trilogy. It seems in Return of the Jedi, there have been two audio additions during the scene in which Darth Vader hurls the Emperor to his doom. The first of the two is a simple “No!” while the second is reminiscent of the infamous “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” from Revenge of the Sith.

Being one of the biggest Star Wars fans I know, many would expect this to shock and insult me but that’s not the case. While it has been confirmed that this is not just another internet joke taking massive speed and snowballing but is instead fact, and I should be crying for Lucas’ blood that’s just not happening. A director/chief creator of their work has every single right to mess with their work throughout the years of post production. Whether that be adding CGI singers and dancers into the Jabba the Hutt sequence in ROTJ, or just updating the graphics, they can do as they please. While I grew up watching the original trilogy on VHS, I still accepted the special edition because it is fact that it is still Star Wars. No matter what I’m going to love the franchise until my dying day and he can keep messing with it if he wants.

However listening to a lot of fans (there is even a fan page dedicated to the request of the original trilogy on blu ray) they all seem to not be as okay with it as I am. Many have stated they wish Lucas to “Quit messing with it.” And while that view can be supported by a lot of people, the fact still remains people. This is still Star Wars, it is still one of the greatest films to ever be made, and I doubt any much more Lucas could do to the films will ruin it.

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