‘Midnight in Paris’ Returning to Theaters!

As time has progressed, it’s become more common to see great films return to the silver screen, and Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris is no exception.

The last time I heard of a film returning to theaters it was James Cameron’s Avatar, which was a big stunt just to garner a bit more cash from the multi-million dollar sci-fi epic. But this time around it seems we are exploring a different type of film.

Midnight in Paris, is another Woody Allen romantic comedy which stars Owen Wilson as a struggling screenwriter vacationing in Paris. That’s just the barebones of the plot, the more convoluded story and intricate characters require a proper viewing, which you will be able to experience on Augst 26th.

Having not seen the film I actually really do enjoy the idea of a re-release. With all the buzz about it including the fact that it became Woody Allen’s highest grossing film to date, it just has to be good right? Sony Pictures Classic, the studio that is re-releasing the film announced it along with this statment “continues to distinguish itself and will elevate to another Woody Allen record this weekend when it is set to reach 50 million at the box office with no signs of slowing down.” Not only that but the film has recieved quite a bit of early Oscar hype, including the idea that this could be the triumphant return of Woody Allen to the prestigious ceremony.

You’ll have your chance to watch, or re-watch the film on August 26th, 2011 as it returns to theaters for it’s second run. Tune into Stuff We Like for more movie news and reviews!

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