Billy Crystal for the Oscars?

Many people seem to be cheering for the triumphant return of eight time host Billy Crystal.

Given the abysmal awards ceremony last year by actress Anne Hathaway and actor James Franco, many people pine for the days of old when the Academy Awards was a show that was enjoyable to watch. While there has been no confirmation of the hilarious actor returning to his masterful duties, many are speculating that it could be a possibility.

After a 20th anniversary screening of City Slickers on Friday night a Q&A was hosted by none other than Billy Crystal himself, where he let the Santa Monica crowd know that he wanted to get back in there. “They had called and said would you do this thing and honor Bob Hope and that was a kind of cool thing to do,” Mr. Crystal said, according to the Los Angeles Times. “I said okay. I did it, and people wanted to see me, they stood up, and I couldn’t talk for about a minute [while waiting for the ovation to subside]. And, um, I got a little itchy. So we’ll see what happens. I can’t promise anything.”

So while there is no promises of him returning, I feel it would be quite a big deal to watch the man back in action again. Some of my fondest memories are of watching Billy Crystal work his magic and with the Oscars not too far off we shall patiently await to hear whose going to ride the bull this time and hopefully redeem the Oscar name.

Stay tuned with Stuff We Like to run along the road to the Academy Awards!

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