The Fox and the Hound Bluray Review

Disney’s old school friendship is celebrating thirty years of love brought to you now in high definition.

Prior to watching this Bluray I didn’t entirely remember the story behind The Fox and the Hound. After watching it, I still don’t entirely know what the story is. This film greatly reminds me of Bambi both for its characters and visual similarities as well as its story. You can tune in and out and nothing really happens. The most memorable part within The Fox and the Hound is the end sequence with the bear. I’m pretty surprised at how well that animation holds up.

This combo pack includes the original film as well as its sequel. The Fox and the Hound II is like a side story to the original film. This time though it’s not about the journey of one’s friendship over life, I guess it’s about fame and fortune affecting one’s friendships. For a straight to DVD film it has its own unique and interesting visual style that I think viewers will enjoy.

This 3 disc combo pack comes with one Bluray and two DVDs. The Bluray features both films and some special features. The DVDs feature one film each and some special features. There are only two videos covering behind the scenes. One features the animators of the original film. The other is a behind the scenes of making the music. I’m pretty sure that neither of these are brand-new special features that haven’t been released in other DVD editions. The other special features are a singalong, a music video, and a animal friendship video for kids.

If you’re a fan of the original The Fox and the Hound or its sequel the high definition versions of the films look fantastic. That alone warrants a buy especially if you have children who want to see this film. For everyone else who is maybe looking for a trip down memory lane, this is a rental.

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