YellowBrickRoad Review

YellowBrickRoad isn’t a horror movie about the land of Oz. The only reason why I think it’s called YellowBrickRoad is to attract more viewers than if they called this movie a Dirt Path Leading North to Nowhere.

YellowBrickRoad has a pretty neat back story where in the 1940s a town went walking on a trail and ended up dead in the process. This group of researchers decide to go and discover why such an event took place and what caused it.

Sadly they end up experiencing more than they bargained for. YellowBrickRoad is one of the reasons why I don’t go camping. It simply ain’t worth getting lost and dieing because you love the great outdoors.

This isn’t a extremely gory or scary movie. It’s a slow paced film. It takes a long time for the first death to occur. Even after that it takes just as long for the next one to occur. It is much more of a psychological movie that tests the mental stability of these characters.

I think YellowBrickRoad has some very neat moments and will keep your interest for the long haul. I simply wished that the ending tied the story together better than what it does. You’re left with a huh? sort of feeling, which ruins the movie to some extent.

You should be able to enjoy the majority of the scenes before that point, so I’d say rent YellowBrickRoad.

If you’ve seen YellowBrickRoad let me know what you think in the comments section below.

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