Donnie Darko 10th Anniversary Bluray Review

10 years of Donnie Darko, and it’s still just as good as the first time that I watched it.

A quick recap of what Donnie Darko is about: time travel, a cute bunny, a perv, and many other quirky things found in life. Seriously just go watch this movie and you’ll love it.

The great thing about this Bluray collection is that it contains both the theatrical version and director’s cut. These two versions are strikingly different from one another. It’s one of the few films out there that tell a completely different story with the deletion or inclusion of various scenes. Honestly I couldn’t tell you which one you should watch first, but I saw the theatrical version before I saw the director’s cut.

Sadly this Bluray combo pack does not include any new special features. The other thing is that these previously released special features are still in standard definition. The Bluray disc includes several audio commentaries while the DVDs contain the special features. It’s kind of weird that these DVDs have the same exact covers that they did in their previous releases. The first DVD is from the Director’s Cut DVD release of Donnie Darko while the second DVD is from the original DVD release. The last disc is a digital copy of the director’s cut of the film.

For a lot of fans out there they might already own Donnie Darko and these special features. The only reason why I would go out and buy this collection is if I did not own another collection of the film or if I’ve never seen the director’s or theatrical release. You basically get a combo pack that crams the best special features that have previously been released along with both versions of the movie. It’s a good deal if you haven’t seen them before.

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