I Am Number Four Bluray Review

I am number four, which number are you? Sorry that was cheesy.

I Am Number Four is a film that came and went during its theatrical run, but that doesn’t make this high school alien flick the worst movie in the world. There are a handful of good action sequences that make you wish there were only more intense moments. A lot of the movie futures the main character being on edge because this other alien race is going to kill him, but he still finds time to fall in love. I Am Number Four is a scifi flick that I think might appeal to more chicks than guys because of the emphasis on the love story element.

This 3 disc Bluray combo pack includes a small amount of special features. Oddly none of them are about the main characters. ‘Becoming Number Six’ is a video about the chick who played Number Six, a character that showed up to help the main characters at the end of the film. I find it really odd that there’s no video about Number Four. There are also some deleted scenes and bloopers.

With this combo pack you’ll also receive three copies of the film, Bluray, DVD, and digital copy.

I’d say go ahead and rent it if you want a teenybopper scifi movie.

Author: DaveWeLike

I'm the editor of StuffWeLike.com.