Calling all comic artists for Comic Con 2011!

If you are an undiscovered comic artist now is your chance to make it big. This year at comic con on July 22nd the Eisner Awards will be held and the Russ Manning Promising Newcomer award will be given to the artist who submits the best work!   This award is in honor of Russ Manning who did illustrations for comic strips like Tarzan and Star Wars.

So if you think you have what it takes to be the next up and coming comic artist get your submissions in by May 31st.

Here are the details from the comic-con site:

To qualify for the award:

  1. The artist must be a newcomer to the comic field, with no professional work published prior to January 2009. Exceptions to this rule are:
    1. Work done as an unaccredited assistant to another artist
    2. Fanzine publications
    3. Small press with a print run of 2000 or less
    4. A one-shot in a new talent anthology comic
  2. The artist’s work must have been published prior to submission.
  3. A sample of the artist’s work must be included.
  4. A sample of the artist’s pencil work should be submitted if it was inked by another artist.
  5. If multiple names are credited to the work, what the artist contributed must be made clear.
  6. If selected as a nominee, the artist (or publisher) should be prepared to provide 23 copies of the work to be sent to the judges.

In the spirit of revered artist Russ Manning (Tarzan, Star Wars, Magnus Robot Fighter), the most important criteria for selection are storytelling ability, clarity of expression and narrative flow, and illustrative flow. Writing is not a consideration except in a tie. A nominee from last year may be resubmitted if he or she meets the criteria.

All submissions will be reviewed by a panel of artists and other knowledgeable in the comic art field, who will select the five finalists. The winner will be selected by a blue ribbon panel of comics professionals, including prior Russ Manning winners and Russ Manning’s former assistants.

Submissions should be sent to:

Russ Manning Award
150 S. James
Orange, CA 92869

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Author: Brittany Piche

Brittany Piche attends California State University Northridge and is majoring in Electronic Media Management. Now she is working on getting her degree and pursuing a life on the network development side of the television industry. She is always looking for new projects to work on and is open to learn new things about how productions are run and created.