Earth’s Mightiest Heroes The Avengers Vol 1 and 2 DVD Review

Before the movie, see the cartoon!

Truly in that regard Earth’s Mightiest Heroes The Avengers is a very exciting TV show. It makes you want to see The Avengers film right now. It shows so much potential in these characters. Even though they all come from different backgrounds and worlds, they feel like a family. They have their ups and downs, and tons of action in between.

Volume 1 contains Season 1 episodes 1-7. Volume 2 contains Season 1 episodes 8-13. Sadly there are 26 episodes within season 1 so you’ll either have to wait for future volumes to be released or a box set of some kind.

Each volume collection contains a special feature about the yet to be aired season 2. Volume 1 featurette includes Supervising Producer Joshua Fine and Story Editor Christopher Yost as they talk about evolving the characters and storyline in season 2. Volume 2 includes them discussing what makes Marvel super heroes and villains unique, and what’s in store for season 2. Both special features are around 2-5 minutes in length. Clearly with the lack of bonus content, once you’re done watching the episodes there isn’t much else to do.

There is an overall story to be had within each volume. Volume 1 features episodes about individual characters and their own backgrounds. Eventually they enlist and form The Avengers. Volume 2 features these characters as a group and them trying to find a balance of power within it. So for me I enjoyed seeing the episodes in Volume 2 more so than Volume 1 because I know and have seen a lot of these origin stories previously. The Volume 2 episodes felt more original in that regard.

It is hard for me to recommend buying these volumes due to the fact that they don’t include every episode from season 1 and have a lack of special features. I simply hope that at some point Marvel and Disney release these volumes as a box set. Iif you’re a fan of the show and don’t care about having a bunch of different volumes, then go ahead and pick these up. If I were to choose one volume, I’d go with Volume 2 as once again it shows us potentially speaking what The Avengers film could be like and that itself is pretty darn cool.

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