Gorillatorch Blade

Need a bright spotlight? You wouldn’t think that this small light would pack a punch, but it surely does!

The Gorillatorch Blade is a LED light that has two brightness level settings 65 lumens and 130 lumens. At 65 lumens you’ll have about 6.5 hours worth of battery life. At 130 lumens you’ll receive about 2.5 hours worth of battery life. In order to switch between these two settings you turn on the light and then hold down the on/off button. This will switch the light from 65 lumens to 130 lumens.

The difference between these two settings is pretty significant. It’s not like 65 lumens is dark by any means, it’s that 130 lumens is so much brighter!

Check out this video to see how easy it is to use the Gorillatorch Blade:

What’s also neat about this unit is that you can adjust the diameter of the light. At the end of the unit is a little twisting piece that makes it very easy to enlarge or decrease the size of your light. It’s sturdy, so don’t worry that the unit is going to twist when you don’t want it to.

The kit also comes with a tripod, which you slide the light into place and it automatically locks it onto the tripod. Even with applied force the light hasn’t fallen off of the tripod unless I manually unlock it. The tripods legs can detach if you put too much pressure on them. They’ll pop out and you’ll have to pop them back into place. These legs can be twisted around to really be level with any terrain and angle. You can wrap them around a thin pole or tree branch if you needed to. At the base of each leg is a red dot. These feet are magnetic. This allows the tripod to be placed at any angle on a metal surface and shine light where ever you want.

In order to charge the light there’s a rubber piece on the back of the light that you open up. You’ll see a USB port and you plug in the included cord while attaching that to the plug piece that it comes with as well.

You cannot replace this li-ion battery nor do you have direct access to the LED bulb. Part of that reason is the unit is water resistant. This light isn’t meant to go underwater but it’ll be fine if it gets partially wet.

Joby’s Gorillatorch Blade is a handy and versatile light that you can use in a variety of situations. With the capabilities of the tripod you’ll not need a third hand to hold the light in place as you do your activity, which is obviously very useful.

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