Alice in Wonderland Blu-ray Review

60 years later and she is still falling down that rabbit hole.

The Alice in Wonderland 60th Anniversary Edition Blu-ray and DVD combo pack features several new extras mixed in previously released special features, which have now been re-released in high definition. You definitely notice the quality difference between the newly created special features and the older re-released HD ones. However they still look acceptable.

For a full list of the special features watch this video:

Some of these newly discovered sequences such as the Pencil Test: Alice Shrinks are very short. Think of them basically scrap animation pieces that were found 60 years later. Even with the introductions by the voice of Alice, Kathryn Beaumont, there isn’t that much that you can get out of them.

I’m usually not a fan of DVD/Bluray games but the Painting the Red Roses interactive game was a lot of fun and was challenging. Your goal is to paint roses red, but you cannot individually do so. Selecting 1 roses will select a specific pattern of roses. You have to figure out the pattern and do it in the right order for all of the roses to become red. It’s definitely an addictive way to spend some time.

For me Alice in Wonderland isn’t the best classic Disney film as the story doesn’t hold up well. It does still have its enjoyable sequences though. Overall the film looks great on Blu-ray. With an HDTV you can really make the colors of this world pop out.

This is the first time that Alice in Wonderland has been released on Blu-ray and I can’t imagine it looking better than this.

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