Top 5 Releases for February: Film

This months top 5(good and bad) releases for film in theaters!

1. Just Go With It (In Theaters February 11th, 2011) – Adam Sandler throughout the years has either enticed us with his comedic value or turned us off completely (see Happy Gilmore as opposed to Eight Crazy Nights) It seems though this time he will be returning to his roots of charming romantic comedies. With a plethora of those already under his belt Just Go With It looks to be another fun trip to the theaters with a date. The basic story is a man uses a fake wedding ring to pick up women. When he finally meets the girl of his dreams he must pretend with his friend that he’s getting a divorce. Simple enough yes? Things become more and more complicated as well as more and more ridiculous (you can judge for yourself in the trailer). With what I’m sure will be a predictable ending, it will at least be another film you can appreciate on Valentine’s Day with your date. Whether you are forced to go or not you’ll probably have some fun.

2. Cedar Rapids (In Limited Theaters February 11th, 2011) – For those of you who don’t know, Sundance Film Festival came to an end a few days ago, and it seems one of the already buzz worthy films is being released. Cedar Rapids is about a meek insurance salesman and his unique transformation from the boring mundane existence he once had to an ultimate party animal all thanks to one man and one location. Through drunken parties, “straight up gangster” situations, and rock climbing adventures. Cedar Rapids is shaping up to be a great trip to the theaters akin to The Hangover and Get Him To The Greek. If you’re looking for a great comedy movie that probably has some significant heartfelt moments, this one is for you (and maybe your lady for a Valentine’s date). Let’s just say this film has two bags of super awesome coming our way.

3. Unknown (In Theaters February 18th, 2011) – Liam Neeson. Even when you say his name you can’t help but feel awesome. Covering all kinds of different genres, there is one thing that links them all together. Liam Neeson is awesome and Unknown looks to be like his other film Taken but with that extra cerebral umph! Upon waking up from a coma, Liam discovers that someone has taken his identity. Though he struggles to recover who he is, it seems it’s much deeper than anticipated when even his wife doesn’t know who the good Doctor is. All with mindboggling twists abounding, Unknown looks to be either a fan favorite or a big flop (similar to The Box) of last year. Let’s hope Neeson can pull it out of the bag and give us a Taken 1.5 as we patiently await its sequel.

4. Drive Angry 3D (In Theaters February 25th, 2011) – Oh boy! From the director of the classic American cinema film My Bloody Valentine, comes a film to equally shatter the world of filmmaking as we know it. When a con breaks out of hell to go seek vengeance on someone who killed his daughter and kidnapped his granddaughter, there will be hell to pay. But who could pull of such a feat? Who is the man with the grand master plan to exact his red hot revenge? Why none other than the Ghostrider himself, Nicholas Cage. With all these new supernatural action films under his belt it seems that Nicholas Cage has jumped off the boat that was once “serious acting” and is now going for the ridiculous. I’m going to admit something though; this looks to be like a lot of fun. With puns aplenty, terrible dialogue, explosions and ALL IN 3D? You can count me in for this spring’s sure to be box office flop. And really, I’m not kidding.

5. Hall Pass (In Theaters February 25th, 2011) – Out of all the other comedies coming out this month, this one is looking to be the weakest. Owen Wilson (Wedding Crashers and Zoolander) plays a married man who believes he and his friend can get anyone they want if given the opportunity. Lo and behold that exact situation arises and they are given a “hall pass” (an exemption from the rules of marriage for one week). Upon hearing this they go out exploring, looking for that long sought after forbidden fruit. Shenanigans ensue and some low brow jokes are thrown in, but it seems this film will be carried mostly on the shoulders of the once great comedic actor Wilson. Paired with a no name this film doesn’t look to impress that much, but it may be good for a few laughs here and there. Maybe it’s because I haven’t been married or maybe it’s just that January and February are slow months for the film industry; who knows? Might be one to check out for a few bucks, but don’t pay full price or I’ll have to reimburse you.

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