Sony’s NGP Packs a Punch

Recently Sony announced the much rumored “PSP2” as the Next Generation Portable. The device features:

  • a track pad
  • 2 cameras (front and rear facing)
  • 5 inch OLED touch screen (960×544)
  • 2 analog sticks
  • 3G/wireless capability
  • GPS
  • Accelerometers and Motion sensors found in the PS Move

Needless to say this device is armed to the teeth with gadgets and gizmos to combat both the iphone/ipad from Apple and 3DS from Nintendo. But what about the games? You know, what it’s supposed to be doing in the first place. Well you will be happy to know that Sony has heard the discontent over UMDs and opted to use Flash Cards for games instead. And with such a beast in your hands you can’t help but be in awe.

You see that? Beautiful looking Uncharted, Resistance, and Killzone in your hands. Talk about a powerhouse. A couple of key details were absent from the announcement, like battery life and price, but that’s to be expected while still in the prototype phase. Sony has said to only expect the NGP in one region by Christmas, our guess is Japan as that’s where the PSP is the strongest.

Source: Pushsquare

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