Time Crisis Razing Storm Review

The first review by StuffWeLike.com of a PS3 game that uses the Playstation Move. Of course I don’t have a Playstation Move controller, so I had to use the six-axis controller. Why would I want to spend $100 on the Playstation Move to control a cursor on the screen? If I already owned a Playstation Move controller, why would I want to spend $50 to move a cursor on the screen?

These are the thoughts that run through my head which tell me to tell you not to buy or even bother with this game. Save a boat load of money and play these games at your local arcade.

I’ll bet that this experience would be better.

Time Crisis Razing Storm introduces a Story Mode that is a off the rail first person shooter. The controls are terrible. They limit your control to try and mimic an on the rail shooter, but then I’d rather play the actual on the rail shooter arcade version.

The controls for the rail shooting modes for Razing Storm, Time Crisis 4, and Deadstorm Pirates work fine, but they’re short games that have no depth. I really do not understand why anyone would feel the need to own these titles.

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