Alien Breed 2: Assault Review

Alien Breed 2: Assault is brings top-down shooting alien action to your Xbox 360 via Xbox Live Arcade. Dark corridors filled with creatures with an easy to use control scheme makes for a pretty good way to spend a couple of hours.

Not everything is run and gun shooting. There are a good amount of puzzles that need to be solved. Usually its switch this on/off to open a door. Aftrer a while the maps start to look the same so you have to pay attention to where you are walking and what you need to open.

You have a very limited supply of ammo so you’ll have to shoot to kill. At any point aliens will start appearing out of no where and begin their attack so you have to be on constant alert. Sound is a big part o fthis game because noise will give you a sense of whether or not an enemy is running towards you.

There is both online and single screen co-op to be had.

I wouldn’t categorize Alien Breed as a must have game, but for an Xbox Live Arcade title it definitely stands out as a solid hardcore game.

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